Thumping T-bone crash caught on dash cam


Dash cam video of a car caught in a T-bone collision in Missouri.In video filmed in July 2016 but which has only recently emerged online, a red Ford SUV (out of shot) caused a three-car crash after it apparently blew through a red light.Explains the filmer: "This took place at the intersection of Ash and Fairview in Columbia, Missouri. I was going straight through the intersection to get to the Wal-Mart nearby. In the video, I turn right a bit to attempt to avoid the collision. "The vehicle that hit me was a red Ford SUV, and its occupants were a couple in maybe their 50s. Their injuries were minor. "Also, after the initial collision, my car hit the pickup truck seen stopped at the intersection. He was uninjured and his vehicle had minor damage."The filmer was left on crutches for a week but made a full recovery.