Samantha Bee Is The New Jon Stewart — In Every Possible Sense


   Wochit Entertainment
Samantha Bee, who left The Daily show to host Full Frontal, has become a breakout star. Since its debut last February, Bee has proven she isn’t just Stewart’s only female successor; of all his acolytes, she’s also the one whose persona and point of view most closely align with his. Bee’s righteous monologues give voice to what sane humans are thinking anytime Donald Trump parts his obscenely puckered lips to speak. For the nearly 60 percent of Americans who are hating every minute of his presidency, it’s a relief to hear him tarred with ingenious epithets like “swollen scrotum of angry hornets” and “dauphin of Breitbartistan.” And it’s especially thrilling to watch a funny woman mock a misogynist who was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault years before he won the power to dismantle abortion rights, birth control coverage and equal pay legislation.