Fearless tourist lets leopard get far too close to him


This is the incredible moment a tourist on a safari experiences a very close encounter with a young leopard that nearly goes wrong.The footage, captured in Okavango Delta in northern Botswana, shows the leopard approaching a jeep and sniffing the tourist’s leg before scratching it with its claws - leaving him with a bleeding wound. Aware of the danger, the jeep driver quickly turns on the vehicle to escape.The feline then can be seen getting away from the vehicle - seemingly scared by the sound of the jeep engine.The man writes: ‘’Our tracker came upon this young leopard resting after a recent impala kill that was about 20 yards away. ‘’As we were viewing the leopard about 15 feet away he got up and approached the vehicle where I was sitting with my legs crossed. ‘’Our tracker told me not to move so I didn’t.''Amazingly, I wasn’t frightened at all.''He just seemed like a big pussycat.''The clip was filmed on April 5.