Man trains dog to retrieve golf shots


This dog really enjoys helping out its owner in his regular golf practice by retrieving the golf balls to him.The footage, captured at the back garden of a house in Franklin County, shows Roxy -a purebred English Setter- fetching the balls as her owner shoots them up to a fence.The filmer writes: ‘’Roxy is more obsessed with fetch than the average dog. She'll literally fetch anything you throw, even if it isn't meant for her.’’‘’One day I was chipping balls in the back garden and I noticed her in the house desperate to go chase what I was chipping away at so I found a way to appease her obsession with fetching and my need to practice my swing.‘’I started using soft golf balls to ensure she wouldn't get hurt, and so she learned to stay out of the way and once I felt she was comfortable we moved to regular golf balls. ‘’The back wall of the yard is about 80 yards back and we do about 15-20 hits and then she needs a break. ‘’It's an incredible exercise for her and my short game has never been better.’’The clip was filmed on May 1, 2017.