Adventuring Among Foxes & Koala Rescued After Escaping Enclosure


If you're looking for a day trip from Tokyo, Japan let travelers, Strawberry Seahorses give you an idea. If you're an animal lover like most of us at RightThisMinute, you will find the Zao Fox Village on your list of must-sees. For a small fee of around seven-dollars, you can walk among a village of free-roaming foxes. Although these folks will warn you, do not break out a package of food because the foxes will come running.Animals could be kept in a zoo but at times, that doesn't stop them from exploring. Irene the koala of The Australian Reptile Park took it upon herself to find a mate. The zookeepers found her enclosure to be empty, only to then spot her in a tree in the courtyard. Irene was safely brought down and returned to her home. Maybe give her a friend?