Jungle snake coils round motorbike handlebars


A motorcyclist was stunned after stopping to avoid a snake in the road - which then slithered onto his handlebars.Worakan Tanankaew, 32, was riding along the mountain road in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on October 30 when he saw the snake basking in the road. The motorbike rider stopped and parked up to avoid running it over but he says the green snake climbed onto his bike and coiled itself round the handlebars.Footage shows Worakan poking the mildly venomous reptile with his finger before it turns and flicks its forked tongue at him. He then tells it to go back into the forest.Worakan said: ‘’I was afraid that I would run over the snake so I parked to wait for it to pass.‘’The snake climbed up on the bike and went to the mirror at the front. It was the funniest thing of that day.‘’I wasn’t scared because these snakes are not aggressive to humans. But after I found out that they can be poisonous.''The reptile, believed to be a green cat snake or Boiga cyanea, eventually uncoiled itself and slid across the motorbike seat and off the bike to go back into the jungle.